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So, How Is It Possible To Buy a Home
(AKA Your ‘Dream Home’)
in The Greater Seattle Area In 2021?

From: Nathalie Boss
Redmond, WA
Re: How to buy your dream house in the greater Seattle area in 2021

My name is Nathalie Boss and I am a real Estate Broker. I have done enough transactions since 2008, and especially in tough markets, to best represent your interest.

Let me know if you find yourself in this situation…

This pandemic has changed many things in your life. One of these is that now you work from home. And you might find yourself in a space not made to work from home.

So, you’ve been thinking of moving. Your lease ends soon so the timing is good.

BUT, you’ve heard horror stories from people buying a new home right now. And that discourages you.

I am not going to lie to you…

Buying a home right now in the greater Seattle area is not easy.

And, chances are you will NOT buy at a bargain.

I know what you might be thinking: I am just going to wait and buy later this year or next.

And that’s totally fine… if your savings can make up for the price increase by then.

As you probably know by now, there’s is a lack of inventory, and interest rates are historically low. We are in a sellers market.

Studies show that the lack of inventory is going to last for a while.
That means the market will continue to be a sellers market and prices are not going down any time soon.

The housing market in Seattle in 2021 is tough for buyers. But you can still find your dream home.

Here is the good news. And though I have no control over the market, I can and will help you find your dream home with the least amount of stress possible.

  • To help you find your home, you need a Real Estate broker who has done enough transactions in this market to understand what it takes to become a homeowner.
  • Being a Real Estate agent is not enough in this market. You want one who knows and understands the market. Because to win in this market you need to waive some contingencies, and you want to work with a broker who knows what they are doing to protect your best interests.

To make the process easier for you
I have created a FREE online video crash course for homebuyers

I recorded and shared this course because I knew there were many people like you wondering whether now is a good time to move and buy a home.
I did this course to help potential buyers be prepared and set the expectations right.
At the end of the course, you’ll know everything to be ready to buy in this market.
This FREE online video course is divided into 5 sections:
  1. Why now has never been a better time to buy and Key facts about today’s real estate market in Seattle and the Eastside;
  2. What you should know about the lending process for homebuyers;
  3. The step by step process to buy a home;
  4. Key negotiation tips;
  5. And mistakes and pitfalls to avoid but that most non-prepared buyers will make.

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But don't just take my words for it... check out what other people like you are saying about me


Nathalie did an amazing job for helping us through the hard process to find our house. She was patient and helpful from the start and really helped up to understand the market and navigate through the whole buyer’s process. She have multiples connexions and even helped us to find our lender. I’ll strongly recommend her for anyone in need of an experienced and amazing real estate agent.- Anne


We had an amazing experience with Nathalie and highly recommend her! She is always available and easy to communicate with, she understood our needs/expectations/budget right away and made excellent suggestions. With her natural calm and patience, she is very reassuring in this stressful process of home buying. She knows all neighborhoods very well with their pros and cons which was ideal for us who had just arrived from the East Coast. Thank you so much, Nathalie!


Nathalie was the partner we needed to go through the process of buying our first house. From Day 1, she earned our trust by listening to our needs, helped us understand the reality of the housing market, and kept us honest on our expectations. We also started the process of buying a house right before the COVID-19 crisis, and our closing date was pushed back by several weeks: Nathalie kept on being a great partner through out the mess and we wouldn’t have been able to go through all of this without her. I highly recommend working with Nathalie! We couldn’t have imagined a better partner for this project. Thanks Nathalie!


Nathalie made our first home buying experience way less stress. Explaining us in details and comprehensive ways the different steps and the critical dates. We were competing with an other offer and she was able to make us winning the bid. Nathalie offers a lot of support end to end during the process from the requirements definition, when she helped us to really formalize what we were looking for, during the visits highlighting what will not work for us with a specific house or why this other one should be taken into consideration, during the closing helping us to finalize each steps and even after the closing with small kindness I really appreciated. We would highly recommend Nathalie to anyone looking t buy a home in Seattle area.

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Like I mentioned before, this online crash course is free. I recorded and shared this course because I knew there were many people like you wondering whether now is a good time to move and buy a home. I did this course to help potential buyers be prepared and set the expectations right.

What Are Others Already
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As You Can See…
I have Helped Countless People in Seattle And The Eastside…
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“How can I possibly buy a home in Seattle in 2021?
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And that’s exactly WHY you need to watch my online crash course for homebuyers in the greater Seattle Area. 

If you knew what it takes to buy a house in Seattle or on the Eastside, you wouldn’t need it. This video course will show you exactly what it takes to be a homeowner in Seattle in 2021 from the lending and buying process to mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the course!

Thank you,
Nathalie Boss, Real Estate Broker at Nathalie Boss Real Estate with John L Scott.

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