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Real Estate Market Update Seattle

The conjunction of low-interest rates lack of inventory and an increased number of buyers have created the conditions for a hot market nathalie boss real estate

From: Nathalie Boss
Subject: Real Estate Market Update Seattle – Market Note – March 23rd, 2021.

This is Nathalie Boss, your Real Estate broker in Seattle and the Eastside.

After recent discussions with clients, friends, and family I realized that not everyone is aware of the real estate market, right now, in Seattle and the Eastside. Therefore, I needed to provide a real estate market update for Seattle and the Eastside.

My bad.

You know what that is. You are busy working in your market, reading market trends, talking with builders, inspectors, lenders… I didn’t realize that someone like you might not be aware of the situation.

We have indeed a unique situation in the Seattle area regarding Real Estate.

The conjunction of low-interest rates, lack of inventory, and an increased number of buyers have created the conditions for a hot market.

What the Real Estate Market Situation in Seattle Means For Buyers, Sellers And Investors


It is challenging for buyers because of the frustration of being outbid several times before finally being able to buy their home. Adn hot because as a consequence, we see bidding wars on mostly every listing.

Buyers, don’t expect to make a good deal these days. But, as we know, over time, the home value appreciates.

The market is also hot for homeowners. To sell or not to sell? And to buy what and where? Lots of questions. We are in a sellers’ market. As a result, homeowners selling their homes have leverage. They also have a unique opportunity to use their equity for home renovation or for a down payment on a new home.

How about investors?

Investors who invested in condos, townhomes, or even single-family homes can also cash in.
Now, I understand that it is an investment so the approach is different. Still, it is a good time to evaluate upcoming important costs, due to major repairs in the future years, and to decide on the opportunity to cash-in and buy something newer with fewer maintenance expenses. Plus, in the process, you increase your asset valuation. The condo market is a Buyer’s market in Seattle downtown, very different from the Eastside. There’s definitely an opportunity here.

Understand The Real Estate Market in Seattle in More details:

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